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Lisa Sthalekar, Co-Founder of WICL

Lisa Sthalekar is a professional cricket all-rounder who was part of the Australian Women’s Cricket team for over 12 years. Lisa was part of a very successful team that culminated with four World Cups having helped with Captaincy and Vice Captaincy of the Australian team over the years. Lisa is the first player in women’s cricket history to have scored over 1000 runs and taken 100 wickets. Since her retirement in 2013, Lisa has stayed heavily involved in the game, being the first female to be appointed to the Australian Cricketers’ Association Executive and is now a commentator for the Women’s Big Bash League, the Indian Premier League and also ICC events.

“Since my adoption I have been fortunate enough to be given the opportunities to do what I love in a supportive environment from my family. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have been able to achieve what I have. I hope to provide similar opportunities for the next generation.”

Divya G K – Singapore


When you meet Divya you’re immediately struck by her infectious smile and energy. Diminutive physically, but a giant in personality and desire. In Singapore, Divya plays in the men’s league and you get the feeling that she makes her presence felt. She has trained twice a day every day since first hearing about WICL in that hope that she can play.

Divya is passionate about cricket and “she will do anything to keep playing”. An opportunity to play with and against other players from all around the world is a dream for her. As a Singaporean female cricketer she has limited opportunities to showcase her skill on a world stage. WICL provides that opportunity for her.

However, creating financial security for her future is paramount. Divya has completed her Bachelor of Clinical Science Degree and has commenced her Post Graduate Medical Degree. Her mother has been supporting her since she was 15 and in order for her to become a Doctor decided to sell the family home to finance her education.

Divya wants to continue to captain her country and play the game she loves but is now faced with the all too familiar dilemma of giving cricket away in order to secure a future for herself.

“If FairBreak can give her the opportunity to keep playing for her country and showcase her skills on a global stage while becoming a Doctor then we will have done our job. One thing we do know is that because of her experience in cricket she’ll be one hell of a Doctor.”  Shaun Martyn, FairBreak CEO

Salina Solman – Vanuatu

salina-solman-vanuatuAs a young woman, Salina never played cricket; however, her young cousin was a cricket fan and he told the story of cricket, extolling its virtues.  Tempted by the joys of the game, Salina ventured into the muddy streets of Vanuatu and quickly shared her cousin’s passion and quickly travelled the pathways to national selection.  When not playing cricket, Salina promotes cricket by umpiring and sharing her love of the game. Traditionally Vanuatu had two women’s club teams; however, the endeavours of Salina and her fellow national team mates have encouraged participation and the numbers have grown to the point that four clubs now exist.

Norma Ovasura – Papua New Guinea


Born and bred in Port Moresby, Norma was first selected for the national team at the age of 16.  Her interest in cricket started at a young age after she began playing street cricket with the boys from her village and is now the captain of the PNG Lewas National Cricket Team.

Norma has led her country with pride and remained the captain of the team until she took a break from cricket to have a baby. Norma is married with a 16-month old daughter who lives with her dad on the Gold Coast while she pursues an Australian Residency Visa from PNG.