Dubai 2022 Tournament Per Diem Card

12 April 2022

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FairBreak has chosen Airwallex as its platform for providing certain participants with a per diem debit card. In Airwallex language this is called an ‘Employee Card’, although you will not be a FairBreak employee.

The intention is that your card will be provided as a physical card following arrival in Dubai. However, the setup arrangements need to be completed as soon as possible to meet card production deadlines.

FairBreak will be adding details into Airwallex over the next 36 – 48 hours. In that system you will have the role of a Cardholder only. The first step involves FairBreak entering your email address. This automatically triggers Airwallex to invite you to join their platform and set up a personal password. The invitation is valid for 14 days and it will show that it comes from, our Chief Operating Officer.

The Airwallex system requires personal identity details to complete your profile. These are the same details already provided to FairBreak in your recent online response.

PLEASE NOTE: Our intention is to add these details to your profile at our end. However, the system does not allow us to do this until after it has sent the automatic invitation email.

Therefore we suggest you wait two or more days before you respond to the Airwallex email invitation.

By then we should have completed entering all personal details. You may then login, set a password and check your profile to make sure your details have been entered correctly. When your card is received in Dubai, you will then need to log into your Airwallex account to activate the card. More information about this will be provided with your card when it is supplied.


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