Women’s International Cricket League 

  • T20 Tournament
  • WICL Cricket Initiatives
  • WICL Super 6’s Tournament

Our key cricket event will be a WICL T20 Tournament hosted in Singapore each year, broadcast to a global audience and creating employment and opportunities for women in delivering the event.

FairBreak, recognising cricket as the second largest team sport played by women across the world, formed the Women’s ICL Pty Ltd in 2013. There is very little-to-no support or financial opportunity for professional female cricketers when compared to their male counterparts.

In response to the current state of play of women’s cricket around the globe, WICL is working to drive change to provide the same opportunities for women’s cricket as there are in men’s cricket.

We want women to have more opportunities for a successful career in sport. And we want to make it easier for fans of women’s sport to support their teams.

We want to give young girls who look up to their female sporting heroes who are performing at high levels a story of opportunity and support.

And we want to mobilise fans of women’s sport to support their teams with the backing of major sponsors to host, broadcast and celebrate our top athletes around the world.

Our additional cricket events, including a Super 6’s Tournament and development camps will continue to lift the profile of players and support our WICL teams and their fans throughout the year.