Fairbreakers are our global tribe of world shifters and game shakers.
Being a FairBreaker means:
● Being committed to progressing gender equality
● Striving to be the best we can be in everything we do
● Being bold, courageous, and pioneering
● Being resilient and determined
● Fearless in seeking continuous learning and growth
● Respecting others and ourselves

Register Your Interest

to be a FairBreak Player or Support Person

FairBreak’s list of people interested in our ideals is growing fast.

You too can help drive greater opportunity and gender equality and be considered for future activities.

Register your interest to be a FairBreak Player or Support Person.

Our aim is simple: to lead, demonstrate and make the change that is possible.

Please note that a registration of interest does not mean you are ‘applying’ for any specific event.

The role of player is obvious.

For Support Persons, we’re interested in knowing about people with cricket experience as a Coach, Manager, Umpire, Journalist, Event Manager, Photographer / Videographer, Website / Media Curator, Graphic Artist or other cricket market specialist. Most roles will be short-term and event-based, not full-time or permanent.

Our review teams will consider your suitability for FairBreak and partner activities. Based on their advice, you may be separately asked, as a Player, to send small amounts of video footage of your skills, or for more information if you are interested as a Support Person.

We can’t guarantee your selection, which is at our discretion, but if we don’t know about you, we can’t consider you!

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