Submit Media

At this page and following pages you are provided with information and tips for submitting media files to FairBreak. You may be submitting media files because you will be a content provider for our FairBreakX platform, or you are submitting samples of potential FairBreak player capability.

Firstly, follow the button below to find Tips for Quality Content & Organisation. We suggest you bookmark this page for easy reference.

You can then follow another button to submit your content. You will need to provide basic information about your files each time you make a submission and you will need to provide FairBreak with consent to use the content. Our right to use the content differs depending on whether you are submitting samples of potential FairBreak player capability for our internal consideration, or for wider use and distribution on our FairBreakX and other platforms. You must provide consent for FairBreak to use submitted files and confirm that you have the right to provide that consent including where files contain music or images of others.

If you have any questions please Contact Us.