Our vision

Opportunity, Education, Performance.

Around the globe there are women who are talented, passionate and driven in their professional field, but they do not have the opportunity to give their best in a way that is acknowledged or encouraged by their community.

FairBreak is an initiative that aims to create pathways for women to have better access to opportunities, education and high level performance roles.

 “Our vision is to create a fully sustainable and exponentially growing business that allows women to pursue whatever field of endeavour they like, and to be remunerated for that fairly and equally; to pursue a ‘pure sport’ philosophy, free of corruption and inequality.”

Shaun Martyn, Founder of FairBreak

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Gender pay equity and professional sport – what’s the go?!

I’ve got a lot of questions that need answering and I hope someone can help me. Some of these questions have been on my my mind long before I started FairBreak. Longer still before #genderequity #genderequality and #genderpaygap existed as hashtags. But for now, let’s start with a couple. How do the governing bodies in … Continue reading Gender pay equity and professional sport – what’s the go?!

Education partnership with Pymble Ladies’ College

We are so pleased to have begun our social media training program with four students from Pymble Ladies’ College as part of our Education partnership with the Sydney school. Over the next few months we’ll work with the group to teach them about social media for business, providing them with skills to develop content and … Continue reading Education partnership with Pymble Ladies’ College

Namibia — Cuba’s female boxing revolution

We love this! Originally posted here: “Because women should protect their beautiful faces”   A film by Maceo Frost produced by Revolver & Made by Forest. Long version coming soon Starring: Namibia Flores Rodriguez Director: Maceo Frost Director of Photography: Lionel Cabrera Executive Producer: Jesper Pålsson & Raymond Van der Kaaij Production Company: Revolver & … Continue reading Namibia — Cuba’s female boxing revolution

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