FairBreak Global to conduct ground-breaking research for breast health in Women’s Cricket

Sydney, Australia (22nd of November 2021) – FairBreak Global is pleased to announce that Associate Professor Deirdre McGhee from Breast Research Australia, University of Wollongong, will conduct a world-first research project in women’s cricket at the FairBreak Invitational in Hong Kong in May 2022.

Deirdre is a world-leading researcher in breast health biomechanics, Director of Breast Research Australia and leads the Breast Health Education and Research within the Australian Institute of Sport, Female Performance and Health Initiative. During the FairBreak Invitational in Hong Kong, Deirdre will conduct research on breast support, bra fit and breast injuries of female cricket players.

This research will be based on the delivery of a breast health educational module, which aims to maximise the breast support and bra fit of female cricket players and improve the management and prevention of breast injuries in women’s cricket. This education will be delivered to over 90 players and their coaches from over 30 countries.

Through this partnership with Deirdre, FairBreak is helping to provide education to female cricket players around the world that is fundamental to both women’s health and women’s sport.

“We are committed to improving the performance and health education of female cricket players, irrespective of the country of origin or their level of sport. We are always actively seeking opportunities to promote women’s cricket and support the health, safety and performance of female cricket players” Alex Blackwell – FairBreak – Ambassador.


FairBreak Global: Kimberley Lee, Kimberley.lee@fairbreak.net