Sydney and London (11th September 2023) 

Cheryll Rogers has been appointed as the London based CEO of FairBreak Global, the innovative Australian sporting movement that creates career empowering pathways for female cricketers globally. 

Founded in 2013, FairBreak was originally created to be a standalone tournament for women to advance their playing opportunities and remuneration within international cricket. Today, the movement’s mission has expanded to tackle systemic barriers to gender equality on a global scale using cricket as the primary vehicle. 

“Cheryll Rogers is taking on this post with immediate effect. She brings a wealth of corporate experience to the role as well as a lifetime of work in the social justice and impact space. Diversity is healthy and beneficial, particularly amongst top decision makers. This hire marks a significant step for FairBreak as our leadership team continues to flourish,” said Shaun Martyn, FairBreak’s founder. 

Cheryll Rogers commented, “Since my first encounter with FairBreak Global, I have been impressed with the organisation’s laser focus on advancing women’s cricket and women’s sport in general. The extraordinary talent of the team I am so proud to lead will continue to increase opportunities for our 90 contracted female players and will enhance the societal environments in which they play.” 

“An appreciation for how sport can improve lives resonates with me personally and has always guided my work. To be able to take on this role at such a momentous time for women’s sport is just wonderful, and I am committed to harnessing all my connections across sport, governance, and the corporate world to further develop this trailblazing organisation.” 

Former Australian Women’s Cricket Captain Alex Blackwell added, “FairBreak has ignited hope and aspiration in women cricketers from all around the world. FairBreak’s globally focussed events have been life-changing for our athletes, and for the aspiring broadcasters and business leaders also involved. I am excited to see FairBreak’s social impact grow under the leadership of Cheryll Rogers.” 

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FairBreak’s Commentary regarding the ICEC Report into Discrimination

“FairBreak Global is not surprised by the grim findings and scathing conclusions of the Equity in Cricket report, Holding up a Mirror to Cricket, published by the ICEC earlier this week. No longer can there be a systemic and collective failure to make the game of cricket accessible to everyone. A culture of discrimination based on an individual’s upbringing, gender or race is unacceptable and cannot persist.

“FairBreak’s reason for being stems from a commitment made, 20 years ago, to combat the marginalisation of women in cricket and to improve their opportunities and pathways to success. Today, the organisation prides itself on running the only global T20 cricket tournament featuring female players from more than 35 nations.

“Advancing equity, diversity and inclusion has always been the FairBreak mission and how it is achieved exemplifies how things can be done. Talented players are not overlooked due to their race or geographical location. FairBreak’s management, umpiring, coaching, commentating and media teams feature and celebrate an internationally diverse talent pool of women who contribute progressive attitudes and cultural wisdom to the organisation’s ethos.

“We work extremely hard, every day, to strive for fairness and equity in all that we do,” says FairBreak’s founder, Shaun Martyn. “The game of cricket is enjoyed by millions and reaches into communities all over the planet. We are optimistic that the ICEC report will accelerate the transformative change the sport needs to see”.

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FairBreak USA Tournament 2023 Postponement Announcement:

Following on from our very successful visits to Advertising Week – Europe, No: 10 Downing Street and the launch of our US-based Foundation, we have made the decision to postpone the USA FairBreak event until 2024.

We have a huge agenda over the next six to twelve months, and it is very important that we establish a solid base in the United States in the lead-up to a full six-team tournament.

The FairBreak Foundation XI will be playing at venues around the world, and we have some exciting announcements to make in the coming months.

The Foundation XI tours aim to raise awareness and encourage the support of all who wish to contribute to CHANGE (FairBreak Foundation)

FairBreak Foundation US and UK have been enthusiastically received, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all those that have demonstrated their support for social impact change by contributing to the Foundation.

As always, FairBreak aims to progress gender equality on a truly global scale. We see a world where people have fair and equal access to opportunities that enable them to succeed in their chosen endeavours, independent of gender or geographical location.

FairBreak Management

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