15 August 2022

Cricket Hong Kong is excited to announce revised dates for the FairBreak Invitational T20 which will be held in Hong Kong from April 3rd till April 16th 2023.

The inaugural event took place in Dubai in May 2022 and saw 6 teams made up of 90 players from 35 countries compete in a 12 day event. The event had unprecedented coverage and was broadcast to 141 territories.  The global viewing audience has been estimated at between 30-40 million.

The 2023 event hopes to build on the first edition’s success with world class cricket that promotes equality and provides a platform for female players from all corners of the cricketing world to showcase their skills on the global stage.

Hong Kong will provide a vibrant and unique backdrop for the event that will provide an experience like no other for players and fans alike.

Burji Shroff, chairman of Cricket Hong Kong said, “In light of the increase in opportunities for female players around the world and in consultation with players, partners and sponsors, we have decided to move the dates of the FairBreak Invitational 2023 from March to April 2023. This time period will enable us to continue to host a world class event that better ensures the participation of players from across the world.”

FairBreak founder Shaun Martyn said, “From our inception it has been FairBreak’s mission to maximise opportunities for women and to level the playing field with regards to pay and conditions and to increase the opportunities for women from every country to play cricket.

“We are looking forward to the next edition of FairBreak and hope again to invite players from all cricket playing nations”, added Burji Shroff.

Further updates will be announced via Cricket Hong Kong and FairBreak Global’s website and social media in the coming months.



About Cricket Hong Kong: Cricket Hong Kong is the National Governing Body for Cricket in Hong Kong. Established as the Hong Kong Cricket Association in 1968, CHK is Hong Kong’s representative at the International Cricket Council and is an associate member having been admitted as a member of that body since 1969. It is also a member of the Asian Cricket Council. www.hkcricket.org

About FairBreak Invitational T20: A two-week T20 Cricket tournament featuring stars of the sport from over 30 countries. The biggest names in women’s cricket will come together for a world class tournament whilst also undertaking a wide range of community outreach events. As well as world class cricket, at its core the event delivers on the ambition to create a global platform promoting gender equality.

About FairBreak Global: FairBreak Global is an organisation that aims to create opportunities in sport, business, media, arts and education to achieve gender equality on a truly global scale. We envision a world where people have fair and equal access to opportunities that enable them to succeed in their chosen endeavour, independent of gender or geographical location. Our mission is to progress gender equality and equity on a truly global scale, using cricket as our primary vehicle to launch FairBreak. https://fairbreak.net @FairBreakGlobal