Dentons sponsors FairBreak women’s cricket Invitational 2023 in Hong Kong

Australia, 3 April 2023 — Dentons has partnered with FairBreak Global for the FairBreak Invitational women’s cricket Tournament, held from 3-16 April, to help progress gender equality. It is the second time Dentons has sponsored the Tournament, which is being played at the iconic Kowloon Cricket Club in Hong Kong.

The Tournament brings together 90 women cricketing stars from 37 countries (including Australia) to play 20 matches in ten days. FairBreak’s aim is to create opportunities that progress gender equality on a global scale, using cricket as the primary vehicle.

Dentons’ Australia Chair and Australasia Region CEO Doug Stipanicev said, “Inclusion and diversity, and particularly gender equity, is a core part of Dentons’ culture.”

“As the world’s largest law firm, we recognise the responsibility we have to help further inclusion and embrace equity in our workplace and communities around the world.”

“We share FairBreak’s vision of an equitable world, where people have fair and equal access to opportunities, which is why we are proud to again partner with FairBreak for the FairBreak Invitational 2023.”

“We wish all the tournament players luck, and look forward to an exciting two weeks.”

Talking about the Tournament, Shaun Martyn, Founder of FairBreak Global said, “The support of organisations such as Dentons allows us to invest in the women who play and support cricket, and to help us further our vision of true gender equality, everywhere.”

“FairBreak Cricket is how we can use sport as a mechanism for change. It unites millions of fans, and the Fairbreak Invitational showcases the skills of the best female players. It rewards them fairly, empowers them to excel, and inspires every girl and women who has ever been told ‘this is not for you.’