“FairBreak Global is not surprised by the grim findings and scathing conclusions of the Equity in Cricket report, Holding up a Mirror to Cricket, published by the ICEC earlier this week. No longer can there be a systemic and collective failure to make the game of cricket accessible to everyone. A culture of discrimination based on an individual’s upbringing, gender or race is unacceptable and cannot persist.

“FairBreak’s reason for being stems from a commitment made, 20 years ago, to combat the marginalisation of women in cricket and to improve their opportunities and pathways to success. Today, the organisation prides itself on running the only global T20 cricket tournament featuring female players from more than 35 nations.

“Advancing equity, diversity and inclusion has always been the FairBreak mission and how it is achieved exemplifies how things can be done. Talented players are not overlooked due to their race or geographical location. FairBreak’s management, umpiring, coaching, commentating and media teams feature and celebrate an internationally diverse talent pool of women who contribute progressive attitudes and cultural wisdom to the organisation’s ethos.

“We work extremely hard, every day, to strive for fairness and equity in all that we do,” says FairBreak’s founder, Shaun Martyn. “The game of cricket is enjoyed by millions and reaches into communities all over the planet. We are optimistic that the ICEC report will accelerate the transformative change the sport needs to see”.