Shaun Martyn, FairBreak Founder

Who would have thought that a game so steeped in tradition, rules and regulations would move so positively and inclusively?

It was only a few years ago that women in golf clubs were associate members, not full members, and had the competition days they could play restricted.

Now they play in all competitions at all times as full members of golf clubs. The game and golf clubs are all the better for it.

Then along comes Golf Australia Victoria (@GolfAustVIC) and the ISPS Handa Vic Open and demonstrates not only parity of esteem, but also parity of PAY; Men and Women sharing the prize money equally.

This was an outstanding event on every level. Spectators were treated to some of the best players competing on an equal stage. No one player more important than another.

The players loved it, because if you are a true golfer, you know it’s about the game, the course, the personal challenge and the skill. Gender plays no role.

The symbolism of no ropes on the course restricting the movement of players and spectators was not lost on anyone either.

If only other sports could take a lesson from this.