Gencor partnership with FairBreak Global aligns science-based Ayurvedic wellness with pure sport and gender equality philosophies 

Sydney, Australia (April 23, 2019) – FairBreak Global and Gencor are proud to announce their 2019 partnership in a move that brings together Gencor’s advanced research and development with FairBreak’s pure sport philosophies, with a focus on advancing gender equality in leadership and performance roles. 

Mariko Hill – Product Development Executive, Captain of the National Women’s Hong Kong Cricket Team, and FairBreak representative – says, “Ever since the start of my career in the nutraceutical industry with Gencor, they have been a true advocate of my role as a professional cricket player. They support any upcoming tournaments without any hesitation, whether that is representing my country or FairBreak. This means I have a balance between work, sport and social affairs. Not many companies would do this and I am extremely grateful to work alongside both Gencor and FairBreak, who are the pioneers for this movement for gender equality and empowerment”. 

Working alongside elite sports teams, Gencor provides unique solutions for injury management, sports performance and recovery. Developing products compliant with stringent specifications and certified by independent bodies (NSF and LGC), Gencor ingredients follow strict quality-assurance processes and have no banned-substances. Gencor complies with all IOC and WADA regulations for Supplementation in Sports. 

“FairBreak’s values tie in closely with our value systems, in encouraging and developing sporting and work opportunities for women worldwide and providing them with a platform to showcase their talents at the highest level. Partnering with FairBreak provides us with a synergistic opportunity to foster pure sporting and healthy living opportunities for women,” says R. V. Venkatash, Gencor Managing Director. 

Gencor is a well-known provider of clinically researched branded botanical ingredients, designed to improve quality of life through good health at all stages of life. Invested in cutting-edge science and technology, Gencor works closely with the best scientists of Ayurvedic institutes to make this ancient wisdom available to a modern global market. The business also supports women’s empowerment and gender equality by providing equal opportunity for women around the world in all areas of development: work, education and sport. 

FairBreak Global founder Shaun Martyn says, “This is a partnership that really reflects our ‘Pure Sport’ ethos and attitude to health and well-being. The fact that Gencor also recognises that the opportunity we can provide is directly in line with their aspirations is exciting on every level’. 2 of 2 

About Gencor: Gencor and its worldwide partners supply branded, clinically researched botanical ingredients designed to support the changing health needs through all stages of life. Rooted in Ayurvedic tradition, Gencor’s high-quality, potent, GRAS ingredients and herbs go through rigorous scientific analysis and are manufactured in GMP-certified conditions. Gencor’s current partnerships with Pharmako, Linnea, Bionap, Vinh Hoan, Pharmactive, BTC and future partnerships allow them to offer an extensive list of ingredients and innovative technologies that are changing and advancing the way ingredients are used. To learn more about Gencor’s ingredient offerings, product applications, newest technologies, and commitment to transparent sourcing and supply chain, visit 

About FairBreak Global: Around the globe, there are women who are talented, passionate and driven in their professional field, but they do not have the opportunity to give their best in a way that is acknowledged or encouraged by their community. FairBreak is an organisation that aims to create opportunities in sport, business, media, arts and education to achieve gender equality on a truly global scale.

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