FairBreak Global announces Patron, Jennifer Westacott

Sydney, Australia (Friday 18th of February 2022) – FairBreak Global is pleased to welcome Jennifer Westacott, CEO of the Business Council of Australia, who has accepted the position of Patron for FairBreak.

Jennifer has a passionate commitment to equality and opportunity for all and shares a love for all sport at all levels.

The FairBreak team and all FairBreakers who have participated in any FairBreak events will benefit from Jennifer’s guidance, mentorship, and passion.

“I cannot be more grateful to Jennifer for her commitment to the role of Patron. It’s such an important role and to have a person who demonstrates immense skill and dedication in all aspects of her life will inspire and motivate us all,” says Shaun Martyn, FairBreak Founder.

“I am honoured to take up the position as patron for FairBreak – empowering women through sport is a fantastic initiative,” says Jennifer Westacott.

“Cricket has the power to bring families, communities and nations together. Women’s cricket is exciting, interesting and commercially successful in many countries. It is essential that women get paid properly in recognition of the world class athletes that they are.” – Jennifer Westacott





Jennifer Westacott:  Alice Hermes, Alice.Hermes@bca.com.au

FairBreak Global: Kimberley Lee, Kimberley.lee@fairbreak.net (Sydney)