Cricket ACT and FairBreak Global announce the Canberra Games in Canberra 

 Sydney, Australia December 15th , 2022 –FairBreak Global, is proud to announce a 4-game series against the ACT Meteors. The series of games will take place at EPC Solar Park, Phillip and Manuka Oval in Manuka. 

The launch of the FairBreak book on the 4th of February in the Bradman Room, Manuka Oval at 10 am, will be followed by the final t20 match of the series. Representatives from 11 consulates will mingle with the players prior to the final match commencing at 12 noon. 

FairBreak will then switch its focus to the final preparations for the 2nd FairBreak Invitational taking place in Hong Kong from April 1st to 16th 2023. 

Cricket ACT is celebrating its Centenary season of cricket, and this is a great opportunity to be developing and showcasing new talent both domestically and internationally. 

Cricket ACT is honoured to welcome the FairBreak XI team to Canberra, particularly in our Centenary season,” Cricket ACT’s CEO, Olivia Thornton, said. 

“Having players from around the globe come together for a series of games against the ACT Meteors at Manuka Oval, Canberra’s international venue, is a wonderful opportunity for all involved. 

“FairBreak’s commitment to progressing gender equality on the global stage certainly aligns with the work we are doing locally to enhance opportunities for women and girls within our great game. 

“Cricket ACT released its 2022–2025 Strategic Plan ‘Thriving on and off the field’ this year, with a strong commitment to accelerate and advance the sport in the ACT and region. 

“Accelerating momentum in growth for girls and women is a key priority in our strategic plan. 

“Bolstered by the success of the ACT Meteors, we are committed to investing in accelerating female participation across the board—players, coaches, officials, and administrators.” 

“Hosting teams like the FairBreak XI helps us to elevate the importance of women in our sport even further, and we are delighted to have the FairBreak community in the Nation’s Capital,” Ms Thornton said. 

“Our FairBreak team for the matches in Canberra contains players representing 11 countries. 

We would like to thank Cricket ACT for providing us with this opportunity,” FairBreak Founder, Shaun Martyn, said. 

“I’ve found Olivia Thornton and her team at Cricket ACT to be great to work with and completely on board with the FairBreak movement. 

“The week will culminate in the launch of the book on FairBreak and the team’s attendance at the Cricket ACT Centenary Gala dinner. 

“This again provides a platform to highlight the talent that exists in women’s cricket around the globe, and we hope the start of a long association with the Cricket ACT and Manuka Oval,” Mr Martyn said. 


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