Hong Kong (April 2, 2023) – FairBreak Global Cricket is pleased to announce its partnership with CricHeroes, to launch a bespoke comprehensive dedicated mobile app for the Gencor FairBreak Invitational 2023.

Shaun Martyn founder of FairBreak Global says this is an important addition for followers of the tournament: “We find more and more cricket fans following the sport on their phones and tablets, and we felt it was important to create a mobile app for FairBreak global Cricket.

“We run two major tournaments and several smaller series across the year, and to have all our match and players statistics in one place is ideal for fans, players, coaches and all those involved in the game.

“We welcome this partnership with CricHeroes who specialise in creating bespoke apps for cricket leagues around the world. They have massive following, and we hope both parties can gain out of this relationship.”

Scheduled to be played from 3-16 April, the six-team tournament features 90 players from 37 Associate and Full Member Nations with the goal of offering players across the globe a chance to compete at the highest level.

Meet Shah Co-Founder CricHeroes is a fan of the FairBreak Mission and he says he is especially pleased with this collaboration: “FairBreak is not just a cricket event, it’s a movement that aims to break down barriers and promote gender equality in Cricket. We are thrilled to be the official technology partner for FairBreak and we are proud to support this initiative. We hope to enable players, coaches, management and fans to connect, collaborate, and celebrate the incredible achievements of women cricketers around the world on a single platform”

The FairBreak Global Cricket mobile app can be used across a variety of operating systems including Android, iOS mobile and they can also be accessed on Tablets. This app has been launched globally ahead of the Gencor FairBreak Invitational 2023.

An important feature of this app is the Pro-Membership access, which will be available to all players, coaches and management, for quick access to highlights, statistics, players analysis and so much more.

Team Coaches and backroom staff will be especially pleased with the Web Insights feature, which is a dedicated web-based analysis tool that allows them to deep dive into player, team and match statistics.

The second edition of the Gencor FairBreak Invitational T20 tournament for women underlines FairBreak Global’s deep commitment to building the women’s game from the grassroots, while offering Associate nations a chance to showcase their talent.

Scheduled to be played from April 3-16, 2023, at the iconic Kowloon Cricket Club in Hong Kong, the two-week tournament will bring together some of the world’s top women players, from both Test and Associate nations.

Tickets are now on sale for the 2023 Cricket Hong Kong FairBreak Invitational on TicketFlap –

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