Hong Kong (April 3, 2023) – Australian all-rounder Erin Burns has joined the Sapphires team at the Gencor FairBreak Invitational 2023 and adds great value to the experience quotient on the team. Having represented Australia at the national level, Burns has also had a successful franchise career in Australia and England and more recently in India following which she made the trip to Hong Kong.

Burns said: “It has been a busy time, and incredible to be a part of two unbelievable franchise tournaments. The WPL (Women’s Premier League) was a landmark in terms of what it has done for women’s cricket. You could argue that FairBreak has done the same thing, through a totally different concept in terms of trying to bring together lots of different nations to play under one roof at FairBreak.”

Burns is making her FairBreak debut this year and is excited to represent the Sapphires at the tournament: “It is a unique experience, and I certainly have not been a part of anything like this. Last year I was not involved (in FairBreak), but I had plenty of friends that came across and played in Dubai and had a great time. So, I am really excited to be here.”

While being excited about playing in the tournament, Burns is also enjoying meeting players from Associate nations and sharing her experience and knowledge with them: “Personally, I am loving being here and I am trying to help put some of the girls here with their game. I have had some conversations with some eager girls from across the world. I just am enjoying being involved in this unique experience and I am trying to lap it all up. It is something I have not been a part of, and many of these girls won’t have an opportunity like this again.”

Burns will play under the captaincy of Pakistani legend Sana Mir and she is looking forward to the collaboration: “I never thought I would be able to play alongside Sana, who has had an amazing career herself. She is a fantastic person off the field as well, and she is the perfect person to lead the Sapphires.”

The Gencor FairBreak Invitational T20 tournament for women underlines FairBreak Global’s deep commitment to building the women’s game from the grassroots, while offering Associate nations a chance to showcase their talent.

The tournament is currently underway and is being played from April 3-16, 2023, at the iconic Kowloon Cricket Club in Hong Kong. The two-week tournament brings together some of the world’s top women players, from both Test and Associate nations.

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