Creating more work opportunities for women in cricket with Cricket Jobs

Creating more job opportunities for women in cricket with Cricket Jobs

Creating more work opportunities for women in cricket with Cricket Jobs

Fairbreak is thrilled to announce our partnership with Cricket Jobs, a global job platform that helps cricket enthusiasts worldwide find their dream jobs in the sport.


After searching for work within cricket, professional cricketer Jared Wilson realised there was no central place to oversee the current opportunities available and no clear line of communication between players, coaches, or office roles. Thus, Cricket Jobs was born to provide that place and break down the barriers to entry with a free-to-register, easily accessible job platform. One of our primary goals at Fairbreak is to create more opportunities for women in cricket; a substantial component of reaching this goal is providing visibility on roles and transparency in the job search. Cricket Jobs can provide that service to our community and beyond.


Cricket Jobs is all about promoting jobs within the cricket industry, and I want it to be equal for both men and women. I am excited to reach the current participants across the globe who have absolute passion for the game and potentially have a desire to work within the game. Everyone knows that outside of the top 10 test-playing nations in cricket, players play international cricket alongside a full-time job. I think this is admirable, and we would like to offer more assistance in providing a path for more female players to work within cricket.

The potential impact of our partnership is significant. It could lead to a more balanced representation of genders in coaching and executive roles across the globe. While we haven’t conducted a case study to determine the current gender distribution in these roles, we are optimistic that this partnership could play a pivotal role in achieving a 50/50 split for both male and female employees in the cricketing industry. Additionally, we aim to leverage this partnership to promote the Gold Standard tournaments, increase viewership, and amplify the message of gender equality in cricket.

Our key mission is to allow more people to see what roles are out there. We are looking to play a part in growing the game by making sure more people view the vacancies, which should ensure the highest of calibre of employees applying for these roles, getting accepted, and then driving the game forward. This is not to say everyone has not been doing a great job already, but more so bringing the roles around the world together and helping organisations promote these roles to more people. Cricket is growing day by day, and it’s mainly due to the people behind the scenes. Ground staff work countless hours, coaches throw ball after ball at batters, and management works hard to ensure everything runs smoothly so the players can perform at their best.

Our role in this partnership is to provide support in promoting the jobs on the platform, collecting data to help teams streamline their recruitment process, and driving the game of cricket forward. With our partnership with Fairbreak, we are committed to playing a significant role in promoting women players, coaches, and staff members and ensuring balanced gender representation in the workplace.” – Jared Wilson, Founder & Director of Cricket Jobs


Our mission at Fairbreak is to progress equality on a truly global scale, using cricket as our vehicle. We believe our partnership with Cricket Jobs places us one step closer to realising that vision.


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