FairBreak UK 2019 tour wrap-up


Our four game UK tour was a wonderful week of cricket for 14 players from 10 countries, including six past or present national captains participate during the week.

Coach – Khyati Gulani from Delhi, manager – Saba Nasim from the UK, and senior players Sana Mir (Pakistan) and Alex Blackwell (Australia) challenged the team to play with consistency across all four games. All payers responded to this challenge and it was incredible to see how quickly the team ethos developed with players working hard for one another as individuals and as a team. Everyone contributed to the success of the tour.

There were excellent ‘player of the match’ performances on field from Sterre Kalis (Netherlands), Shameelah Mosweu ( Botswana), Akanksha Kohli (India) and Ryana Macdonald-Gay (England). Mariko Hill (Hong Kong) continued to develop her captaincy skills in the 40 over game against a Kent Invitational XI.

Watch the recorded live-stream of the Wormsley game here, thanks to Ion Sport.

A highlight for everyone was the opportunity to again play at Wormlsey. An invitation to attend the Garsington Opera after the cricket capped off a great day and wonderful experience for the team. 2018 FairBreak XI captain, Suzie Bates (New Zealand) also made an appearance at Wormsley to do ‘throw downs’, talk with players and run the drinks. This all-class involvement from Suzie is the epitome of the true nature of who a #FairBreaker is, supporting all players from all backgrounds in any way possible.

Other poignant #FairBreaker examples of particular note were the efforts made by Stephanie Frohnmayer (Germany) and Celeste Raack (Ireland). Stephanie is a gynecologist who returned to Germany on our weekend off to deliver four babies before flying back to London to play the MCC in back to back T20 matches. Celeste made a ‘lightning’ trip back to Dublin to her physiotherapy practice before returning to deliver more leg breaks, flippers and googlies.

The looping spin and bounce from Ruchitha Venkatesh (Hong Kong) proved a handful for all opposition during the week, and Laura Mophakedi (Botswana) was reliable behind the stumps. Having to keep to Sana Mir was both a great thrill and significant learning experience for Laura.

Although Kathryn Bryce could only make one appearance during the week it was fantastic to have her with us and we look forward to Kathryn making many more appearances with us.

A big thank you to Lydia Greenway and her ‘Cricket 4 Girls’ program for introducing English players Chelsey Rowson, Grace Scrivens and Ryana Macdonald-Gay to FairBreak. All outstanding young players who made significant contributions to the team and results. All will be invited back as #FairBreakers and we will be following their progress closely.

Finally, a special thank you to Sana Mir and Alex Blackwell. Both women are icons of the game. They enjoy global recognition for their achievements both on and off the field for the great example they set. To have them give so freely of their time, advice, encouragement and knowledge to all players is invaluable.

Thank you to everyone for a fabulous week of cricket, dinners, lunches, opera, laughs and friendship.

FairBreak would especially like to acknowledge the wonderful contribution made by Gencor and R.V. Venkatesh.

Thank you to our associated sponsors and supporters: Kookaburra, ANP Solar, Globetrotter Travel, VOOST, Rudy Project, Happy Faces, and our CSR partner SolarBuddy.

FairBreak is about equality and opportunity, the concept of a ‘fair go ‘ for all and the purity of sport.  #FairBreaker @FairBreakGlobal

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FairBreak XI to play in the UK this July 2019

– Shaun Martyn, FairBreak Founder


The FairBreak XI will arrive in the UK in a couple of weeks to play four exhibition games supporting our Gender Equality program and our CSR partner, SolarBuddy.

What has been amazing and so pleasing is the reaction to our team announcement from supporters around the world.

Our team brings together 14 players from 10 countries:

  • Alex Blackwell, Australia
  • Sana Mir, Pakistan
  • Mariko Hill, Hong Kong
  • Kathryn Bryce, Scotland
  • Akanksha Kohli, India
  • Stephanie Fronhmayer, Germany
  • Ryana Macdonald-Gay, England
  • Sterre Kalis, Netherlands
  • Laura Mophakedi, Botswana
  • Shameelah Mosweu, Botswana
  • Ruchitha Venkatesh, Hong Kong
  • Chelsey Rowson, England
  • Grace Scrivens, England
  • Celeste Raack, Ireland

All these players are exceptional and, apart from Alex Blackwell and Sana Mir, these athletes are not household names, but they should be. For example, Sterre Kalis from the Netherlands has lifted her profile after equaling the world record for a T2O innings in women’s cricket scoring 126 (not out) from 76 balls. Incredible.

All of the players from associate nations desperately need more available cricket games and tournaments, and more financial resources.

What we strive for at FairBreak is greater recognition for these players. The 14 women taking part in this year’s UK program not only get to share their cricketing expertise, but also their life experience with one another and supporters. Cricket is a wonderfully inclusive game.

It would be ideal if next year’s World T20 women’s tournament had more than 10 countries participating. There are 16 men’s teams playing, but sadly only 10 women’s team. It would be helpful to understand the thinking behind this.

It can’t be financial. There is plenty of money in the coffers of cricket’s governing bodies. It’s not a gender equality issue because that has been disregarded completely.

So, we’d like to understand the reasoning.

Opportunity drives development, learning, inclusiveness and success.

What a fantastic tournament it would be if six additional nations were added to the women’s program.

What a superb opportunity to grow the game, demonstrate equality and celebrate the great programs running in all corners of the globe.

In very simple, humble terms, that is what we seek to do by continuing to bring players together from everywhere, and provide opportunity.

Join us in becoming a #FairBreaker. Connect with us on our social channels for news from the players and FairBreak team.

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Golf finishes way ahead, on Even Par!

Shaun Martyn, FairBreak Founder

Who would have thought that a game so steeped in tradition, rules and regulations would move so positively and inclusively?

It was only a few years ago that women in golf clubs were associate members, not full members, and had the competition days they could play restricted.

Now they play in all competitions at all times as full members of golf clubs. The game and golf clubs are all the better for it.

Then along comes Golf Australia Victoria (@GolfAustVIC) and the ISPS Handa Vic Open and demonstrates not only parity of esteem, but also parity of PAY; Men and Women sharing the prize money equally.

This was an outstanding event on every level. Spectators were treated to some of the best players competing on an equal stage. No one player more important than another.

The players loved it, because if you are a true golfer, you know it’s about the game, the course, the personal challenge and the skill. Gender plays no role.

The symbolism of no ropes on the course restricting the movement of players and spectators was not lost on anyone either.

If only other sports could take a lesson from this.